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"Music City U.S.A"

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Population 1,830,345 (metropolitan area)
Korean: about 8,000 / 0.44% (2015)
Origin found by James Robertson, John Donelson,
and a group of overmountain men in 1779.
City name was derived from American Revolutionary
War hero, Francis Nash.
Official Website Nashville.gov
Nashville Korean Association
Feature: There are 180 music recording studios and
5,000 working musicians.

Proverb of this week - January 13 to 19

Source : "Pearls of Wisdom collected by Rev. Jerry Cho"
"To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his right and left hand. He uses both."

"용감한 사람에게 있어 행운과 불운은 그의 오른손과 왼손 같다. 그는 이 둘을 모두 써 먹는다."

- St. Catherine

내쉬빌 한인 3040 싱글모임
Nashville Korean Singles Club

내쉬빌 지역에 흩어져 사시는 한인싱글들의 친목을 위해 계획중인 모임입니다.
관심 있으신 분은 일단 아래 이메일로 관심을 표해 주시면 명단을 작성하고
구체적인 계획을 세우겠습니다.

Contact: text4soul@gmail.com

포스팅 날짜: 2019. 1. 13

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