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"Music City U.S.A"

  1. Population: 1,830,345
    Korean: about 8,000 / 0.44% (2015)

  2. Origin: found by James Robertson, John Donelson,
    and a group of overmountain men in 1779.
    City name was derived from American Revolutionary
    War hero, Francis Nash.

  3. Official Website:

  4. Feature: There are 180 music recording studio
    and 5,000 working musician.
Proverb of this week - June 17 ~ June 23
Source : "Pearls of Wisdom collected by Rev. Jerry Cho"
"A little philosophy inclineth
man's mind to atheism; but depth in
philosophy bringeth men's minds
about to religion."

"철학을 조금 공부한 사람은
무신론자가 되고,
철학 공부가 깊어지면
신앙인이 된다."

- Francis Bacon -